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LiveMatch Rules, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

LiveMatch Rules

We at LiveMatch want everyone to enjoy their chat line experience, so we have a few rules you need to follow.
Any of the following things may get you blocked from our service:

When recording your name, greeting, forum topics, forum responses or participating in the public chat rooms, please do not include Your last name, address, telephone number, email addresses, web addresses or any other identifying information. You are welcome to share this information in private messages at your own risk, but remember once you give it out you can't take it back.
When asked for gender and birth-date, be fair to the other members and answer honestly.
Absolutely no soliciting for businesses, goods, services or money.
Do not use LiveMatch for any illegal activity.
Do not record and re post other members messages. Keep your greeting and forum topics clean or mark them x-rated. Do not harass other members or be offensive.


Opinions, advice, statements, offers, and personal information made available on or or LiveMatch phone system are supplied by the members of the services and should not necessarily be relied upon.
Members are solely responsible for the content they supply. Livecall Communications LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of any information supplied by members.
Livecall Communications LLC will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's reliance on information or other content posted by the members.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Your email address will be used for member purposes only. When you purchase a subscription with a credit or debit card a portion of the card number is erased from our system as soon as the transaction is complete.

Date Smart!
Verify the age of the other member before you meet in person and make that first meeting in a public place.