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 Call any of the LiveMatch Chat Line phone numbers and instantly join the fun. 
 Make sure your caller id is unblocked for auto login.

Enjoy voice conversations in the chat rooms and talk one on one without compromising your identity. You are anonymous, yet accessible.

Set your preferences to hear just those members you want to hear. 
You choose Straight, Gay, Bi or Couples profiles and listen to selected greetings, chatrooms and forums.

Kick back and enjoy your conversations on LiveMatch.
Share your interests in the forums, an easy way to make new friends.


Free Basic Membership

When you first call LiveMatch Chat Line you become a free Basic member
As a Basic member you can record your name and greeting for other members to hear when you are online.
You can exchange messages and chat one on one with VIP members.
If you choose to allow LiveCalls, VIP members can call you when you are not online without exposing your phone number.

VIP Membership

When you subscribe to LiveMatch Chat Line you be come a VIP member.
VIP members Get everything the basic membership provides, and more.
You get unlimited usage of the liveMatch system. Message and chat with anyone that hasn't blocked you.
Unlimited at LiveMatch means you can be on 24/7 chat as much as you want and message as much as you want.
If you decide to create a Member Forum you are allowed an unlimited number of responses.
Check out our LOW PRICES for VIP subscriptions.

LiveMatch Chat Line features
Phone Chat

The LiveLounge

The LiveLounge is where you  hear the greetings of online members that match the preferences you choose.
Chat one on one or leave messages to each other.
You can get to know each other without revealing your phone number or email address. 
When you make it through the online members you can choose to hear greetings of the offline members and leave messages in their mailboxes. 
A state of the art blocking system puts you in control of unwanted communications.
It's always free to record your greeting and listen to the greetings of the other members.

Chat Rooms

The group chat rooms are a fun place to hang out and talk with random people.
Easily move between chat rooms until you find the group that is right for you.
Send Live Member Links to your mailbox of the others in the chatroom so you can contact them easily.

Member Forums

Member created forums are a great place to find people with your same interests.
You can find a forum relating to your interests or create your own.
VIP members can turn their forums into live chatrooms for group discussions.


You can remain accessible even when you are not online.
Turn on LiveCall and members can call to your phone to chat without exposing anyone's phone number.
Don't worry if you miss a live call. The message will be waiting in your mailbox the next time you call LiveMatch.