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Safe Texting and Photo Viewing

LiveMatch members can exchange text messages and "Sneek Peek" links without exposing their phone numbers. No need to download any apps. You use the text messaging that comes with your cell phone.
Activate your phone by sending a text message to with #Me in the body.
If you already have an extension set up with LiveMatch Chat Line your phone will be associated with that extension. Otherwise, a new extension and passcode will be created for you and sent to you.
LiveMatch members will be able to send text messages to The from address will be
Photos that are sent with messages are converted to a Sneek Peek link and included in the message. When the link is clicked it will open your default browser and display the photo for 5 seconds and then the photo is deleted from the server.


You can send commands to that are understood by the LiveMatch server to help you manage your alias address.

All of the commands begin with the # sign, like #New or #Help.
The commands are sent in the body of a text message  from your phone to .

#ME   will set up with your LiveMatch address or return your current address if you already have one.

#NEW   will create a new alias address for you.  You can create up to 3 free addresses a month.

#BLOCK extension  replace extension with the extension of the person you wish to quit receiving messages from.
All extensions issued to their phone will also be blocked.
To unblock someone just send them another text message.


  To get the current list of commands text #Help to